Alyssa Milano talks Twitter to Kimmel, Promotes New Show


Yes, we at Connected Interactive have considered starting a group (or more appropriately a Facebook fan page) about the enchanting Ms. Milano.  It’d be for those who fell in love with Alyssa Milano during our transformative “Who’s the Boss” years and who still love her deeply to this day.  The good news is based on the video below she is just as beautiful, charming and magical as ever.  The bad news: some horribly guy has since married her.  We respectfully ask for a divorce, as it may be our last hope towards world peace.

Back to the subject at hand, while out promoting her new show Romantically Challenged (as if, right?) she stopped by Jimmy.  And while there, not only did she continue to endear us in our hearts, but she also explained Twitter as well as her tweet addiction.

For more information on Alyssa Milano‘s new show Romantically Challenged, click here.

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