3D Gaming Summit Preview: April 21-22 at LA’s Universal City Hilton


Okay, gaming is a billion dollar industry with a huge worldwide audience More on that in a second. Now, we got 3D. Well… Avatar made a billion by itself and when you throw in Alice in Wonderland’s ticket receipts. Yeah, 3D is here to stay. So thinks Real D 3D, Sony, PS 3 and Panasonic as well as big names Jon Landau, Paul W.S. Anderson, Ari Arad, all of whom are participating in this amazing event.

On April 21-22 2010 the first ever 3D Gaming Summit takes place at Universal City’s Hilton in Los Angeles.

Ummm..3D Gaming?

Okay, so Stereoscopic 3D (or S-3D) is the ability to display visible depth on an otherwise flat surface. Stereoscopic 3D movies (Monsters VS Aliens, Up, Coraline) are only in theaters currently, but S-3D gaming is very much here today.

Should We Go?

Needless to say, this event is a must for entertainment execs, game developers, techno-philes and anyone who needs the coolness.

Over 48 super-intense hours, learn how S-3D Gaming will develop and when. Understand why 3D creates accelerated synergies between video game companies and film and television studios. Discover the tools and technologies that offer the best solutions for gaming and augmented reality technologies and opportunities. Look ahead to make the most of your time and budget by learning from key players who are ready to discuss their business experiences and findings budget.

Here’s How

Individual passes run from $825 up to $1100, depending if you’re attending one or both days, and whether to pre-register online, or on-site, day of.

To register for the 3D Gaming Summit, click here.

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