Scarface schoolplay ala Max Fischer [video]


Yes, in high school I was part of the drama department.  A lot of plays and musicals. Nothing like this.  Dare I say the closest thing were those fictional productions by Rushmore‘s (affiliate link) Max Fischer.  Any film geek worth his salt would understand.

Supposedly the below is a school play from Bartonville, IL.  For about 300 reasons, I don’t believe it.  But I want to and therefore I will.  We see several elementary school students bring under-age life to some of the toughest mobsters to ever grace the screen.  A mound of popcorn stands in for Scarface’s (affiliate link) cocaine stash, words like fudge, son of a B, and motherfudger replace the adult versions.  The overall result is cute, yet has the bitter after-taste of Little Miss Sunshine-style (affiliate link) beauty pageants.  You keep watching, but think my gosh they’re corrupting our youth for my momentary pleasure.

I’d say if Precious‘s (affiliate link) Gabourey Sidibe can be nominated for an Oscar, then the little fella who channels Tony Montana so convincingly is prime for the 2010 awards circuit.

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