Malkovich, McDormand: Transformers 3 Aims for Respect


Let’s leave the beloved cartoon out of this.  I saw Michael Bay‘s Transformers and thought it was confusing.  Lack of a script and cohesive storyline helped make it vague at best.  But it made big bucks.  I skipped Shia LeBouf‘s giant robot sophomore effort for even as enticing as Megan Fox looked while straddling the motorcycle in the trailer, I still had too much dignity. From what I’ve heard, I didn’t miss anything.

Now, though, both Academy Award nominated John Malkovich and Academy Award winner Francis McDormand are about to pick-up very generous paychecks for trying to make this crap compelling in some way.  That alone is worth the price of admission.  Remember that whole “He’s so good, I’d pay to watch him read the phonebook”.  Well, now here’s your chance.

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