Madonna gets 'Glee' ful yet No One's on stage [video]


Ryan Murphy is getting a lot of ink these days.  And really, he kind of deserves it.  Even if you don’t recognize his name, you’re probably loving his TV shows (Nip/Tuck, Popular) and about to love his movies (Running with Scissor, Eat Pray Love).  Yesterday we talked about his Julia Roberts-Starrer Eat, Pray, Love.  Today we switch to his recent Emmy winner and small screen effort Glee.

Sadly, it looks like there’s no Glee musical hitting the stage.  Last week it looked like Glee producers were working on a stage version of the show with Music Theater International, but their owner Fox was quick to shut down those rumors with this very stiff (and un-Glee-like) response:

“We are very careful and deliberate when contemplating brand extensions of our franchises and are mystified why Music Theater Intl. would claim there have been any such discussions about a live theatrical version of Glee,” Fox TV spokesman Chris Alexander said in a statement.

But…  Glee is covering Madonna‘s “Express Yourself,” “Borderline/Open Your Heart,” “Vogue,” “Like a Virgin,” “4 Minutes,” “What It Feels Like for a Girl” and “Like a Prayer“.

For the uninitiated, below are two Glee videos.  Girls on top, boys below.  Unfortunately the girls video is low-res.  I looked for better, but couldn’t find 🙁


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