Kimora Lee Simmons keeps Annoying us [video]


I don’t like reality TV and it bothers me that sometimes I have to write about it. Kimora Lee Simmons is famous for two reasons.  And as you’ll hear them, it’ll make more sense.  One: she married and progenized with super-entrepreneur Russell Simmons (I’m sorry).  2) Magically during their divorce she ended up with her own reality show on, I think, Fashion Network.

So, yes, she’s very talented.  She’s able to marry a famous rich guy and bear his children.  She’s also able to get a TV show out of the divorce.

Well, she must be promoting something, because she’s in the news again.  This time, she’s knocking Jon and Kate Plus 8.  Because, you know, we thought they were great and she’s clearly better than them.

“I would never do a show like [that],” she told E! News. “My show is not like that. My show is about me as a businesswoman.  We just don’t watch a lot of TV,” she said. “TV’s kind of crap. Even the news is crap.”

This entire article makes me want to vomit.

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