Disney's Waking Sleeping Beauty Trailer – Behind the Legacy [video]


There’s a line in the trailer.  Something about “saving Disney’s legacy“.  At that time, I doubt many knew there was trouble.  Certainly not their biggest target demo – kids.  Most kids of my generations – 1980’s – believed Disney could do no wrong.  We were anxiously taken to every Disney cartoon. (My mom liked ’em, my dad napped).  But for generations of people, from child to teen to adult to parent. Some would say, The Circle of life.

So all I can say is thanks for saving the legacy.  We appreciate it.

Story covers: “how Walt Disney Co. honchos Michael Eisner and particularly Jeffrey Katzenberg led a team that made profound animation history for roughly a decade — from the time they took over the fairly moribund Disney studios in ’84 until Katzenberg’s resignation in ’94.”

“During this period Disney released the most successful string of animated feature hits ever seen from any studio before or since — The Great Mouse Detective (’86), Oliver and Company, Who Framed Roger Rabbit (’88), The Little Mermaid (’89), The Rescuers Down Under (’90), Beauty and the Beast (’91), Aladdin (92), The Nightmare Before Christmas (’93), and The Lion King (’94).”

Hat tip to Jeff Wells’ Hollywood Elsewhere for the find.

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