@Backoftheclass goes viral mashing Mom with Zeppelin [video]


The common consensus is the writing isn’t so great.  Definitely not Led Zeppelin-quality (and I’m not even a Zeppelin fan). I found the spoof-worthy visuals to be better than average.  In total, the video made me smirk a bunch of times, plus I’d watch it again if given a reason.  So by web standards, yeah, it’s a hit.  Video is below.

It turns out Back of the Class is an LA-based group of comedy writer/director/performers dedicated to producing original content for screens of all sizes.  Their awesome-ness is personified by Brett Weiner, Max Dionne, Jesse Porter, Dan Roe.  They’ve done some stuff before, but this one has caught on bigger than usual.  125,000 hits in a day.  That’s a lot of ’80s hair watching.

Kudos, guys.  What’s next?

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