Morgan’s Local Flavor Restaurant Review – Good Food, Close to Home


Morgan’s Local Flavor demonstrated a bit of welcomed calm during an otherwise hectic holiday season.  Seated less than 10 minutes outside of Whitehall, PA, and passed several nearby farm yards, a traveler may not be sure what to expect.

The exterior feels quaint, but as you venture inside it gives a very familiar feel.  The foyer is warm and lit with elegance.  It grows into a sensuous room full of tables, with wood and stone decor.

I was lucky to be given a prime location, a roomy center table with an easy view of the morning’s activities.  Families, couples and friends enjoying different versions of Morgan’s famous weekend brunch.

Two things that surprised me; first, given all the people in the room, the volume was still very low.  Almost too low.  It would be great ambience for an intimate meal or delicate conversation.  Not the best if you’re looking for a high energy way to wake up.  Perkins or Denny’s this is not!

Secondly, another detail of decor.  Yes, it’s winter on the East Coast.  And yes, I’m surrounded by non-heat conductive decor, but it’s slightly chilly.  Or maybe just not warm.

As other reviews have pointed out, the service is here is strong.  Waitresses buzzing around always checking on their tables.  If you need something, it’s never more than a moment away.

My waitress today is Jess.  Young and cheery; and giving off an eager to please attitude you don’t see often enough anymore.  She doesn’t indulge in the menu.  She deals with our situation and moves on, giving a sense that most of her customers are regulars.  And if they’re not, she treats you as comfortably as she would a regular.

I’m not a coffee guy, so a goblet of orange juice is delivered to me.  Very soon thereafter it’s joined by a plate of stuffed french toast with sliced pear.  Just looking at it tells me it’s indulgent.  The pieces of toast tucked away just so, glistening with perceived flavor, the plate gushed with syrup and for effect, the pear slices organized in a starburst formation (picture was taken after I started).  This isn’t a meal, it’s Allentown fine art.

I’m always hesitant of the first bite because it tells you everything.  It’s the first kiss of the new relationship.  And this culinary consummation was heavenly.  Sweet, strong, seductive.  We’re in trouble.  The second bite comes quickly, then you try to exercise restraint.  It’s weekend breakfast, you want it to last a while.

My solo complaint comes two-fold.  Had I predicted the dish, I would’ve asked for syrup on the side.  The lush helping drowned the third piece of toast to a sloppy mess.  But yes I still ate it, trading on the euphoria of the first two pieces.

The fruit pairing is un-inventive but effective.  The pear’s sour palette was pleasantly abrasive after the sweet sensations of syrup.

Soon after, I met this morning’s maestro.  Chef Charlie Kresge, a small-town slice-n-dicer with big-eyed aspirations.  Knowledgeable, skilled; and he looks about 22 years old, while I’m guessing he’s slightly older.  If I could borrow a time machine, I’d be curious what and where he’s cooking in ten years.  I’m pretty confident I’d order a dish.  As a matter of fact, had I stayed in town I would have ordered dinner that night to see what my succulent surprise would’ve been.

Come in this Saturday morning and ask if Charlie’s cooking.  If he is, ask for one of his specialties.  It’ll be a tantalizing taste bud tour, followed by a few hours at the gym to work-off his treats.

Morgan’s Local Flavor is owned and managed by Head Chef Blake Morgan.  Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday – Saturday.  For reservations, call (610) 769-4100 For more information, visit their website at

Located at 3079 Willow Street  Allentown, PA 18104

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