ONCEKids Author Eileen Wacker responds to Boston Bombing


In response to today’s horrific Boston Marathon bombing, the following is an editorial from ONCEKids Publisher and author of acclaimed children’s books Fujimini Adventure Series author Eileen Wacker:

Today another tragedy happened at the end of the Boston Marathon. Two bombs went off, killing 2 people and wounding as many as 100 others, some critically. Two other bombs were discovered and deactivated. There was also a mysterious fire in the JFK library. This is astoundingly and stunningly sad. ONCEKids wants to express profound sympathy to all the victims and their families. These incidents have wounds far beyond the physical. These incidents wound our idealism. They wound our beliefs.

We want justice. Many people will never fully recover from the events of today. Somebody crept in their body and ripped out their hearts. The day was sunny and beautiful. The Red Sox had just finished a baseball game in the Green Monster. The runners were savoring feelings of accomplishments and their families and friends were at the end, past heartbreak hill, ready to give them a hug and share their special accomplishment.

Author Eileen Wacker

Author Eileen Wacker

There was a 26 second moment of silence for the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims prior to the race and miles dedicated to the victims along the race. I don’t think anyone has healed from that yet.

There are heroes that emerged. Some are giving people food and drink or clothes or shelter. Others are bringing wounded people to the hospital or running straight to the hospital to give blood. The police, journalists and others put their lives at risk to help in the wake of the bombings. ONCEKids applauds them and feels grateful for these human beings.

I grew up in Boston and went to school there. So once again, we are devastated by the events and will find a way to give something towards to long recovery. And as profoundly sad as we are, we are even more MAD. We want justice.


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