From Hef’s House to Your House: Chef Serena Delivers Delicious in Los Angeles


Chef Serena Poon

In the mid-2000s Chef Serena Poon was a Private Chef at the Playboy Mansion creating hundreds of custom-made meals each week for Hefner, his guests and select private events.  In addition, Poon began receiving invitations to cook at private homes and offices, for clients ranging from the rich and famous to the average house-hold eager for an exceptional meal.  That mindset continues as Chef Serena now caters to dozens of homes in the Los Angeles area.

The first step for Chef Serena is to assess the client’s needs.  “I ask about your favorite restaurants and what you like to order, or if you have a favorite dish.”  Once she knows your palette she can begin creating meals that are both delicious and nutritious.  “Don’t forget”, she explains, “the first priority for many restaurants is to make their food only delicious.  Salt and fat are both flavor.  My goal is to cook healthy food that is also delicious.”

Many clients appreciate Poon’s health-conscious ways and rely on her as part of their daily routine.  The young chef delivers food to clients that span from as far north as Malibu to south Orange County, covering several movie studios along the way.  Sometimes she works in stealth mode, dropping the delicious deliveries off without fanfair. Other times the client makes a point to be available, hear the details about the food and even learn about how it’s made or best prepared for their dining.  “I work to each client’s preferences.  Some prefer it to magically appear in their fridge.  Others want me to be a big part of their process.  I’m happy to do either, but I think it’s great when a client asks me questions and really takes an interest in the meal.”

Chef Serena Poon can work within many budgets and, of course, locations.  What’s important to her is contributing to a healthy lifestyle.  “Life is beautiful and food needs to be too.  Healthy food helps make a person beautiful, inside and out.”

To learn more, visit Chef Serena Poon official website, find her on Facebook at Simple Sexy Cuisine and follow @ChefSerenaPoon on Twitter.

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