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Teens Helping Teens: C5 Teen Leaders design, develop and deliver programs

Teens Helping Teens: C5 Teen Leaders design, develop and deliver programs

C5LA-Mentor-LAUSD-ProgramOn Saturday, November 19th C5 Teen Leaders will deliver a full day college access and awareness programs to other Los Angeles Unified School District teens. They will share with their peers the skills and resources they gained with C5LA (C5’s Los Angeles branch) over the past five years becoming community advocates and leaders of education in hopes that every inner-city student will make higher education a reality despite all odds.

C5LA’s mission is to inspire high-potential youth from under-resourced and risk filled environments in Los Angeles County to pursue personal success, to prepare them for college, work and life, and to motivate them to become role models in their communities.  Through extensive consultations with thought leaders in the youth development field, C5LA has compiled a platform that incorporates all the critical elements necessary for youth to become successful and productive college-bound adults prepared for future success. The program builds strong relationships between youth and adults as well as peers in order to provide a solid adult and peer support system.

This community outreach to the Los Angeles Unified Schools and their students is the culmination of C5LA’s five year leadership development program and week-long A.C.T. Now Summit planning experience which took place on a college campus this past summer. During this time, C5LA high school seniors created ten different interactive and informational workshops.

On November 19th, these workshops will be put into action at Robert F. Kennedy High School in Los Angeles.  The workshops will be led by the C5 Teen Leaders themselves to raise awareness about financial aid, college admissions, majors and careers. Students will rotate through different grade specific workshops in addition to meeting with college and university representatives. It is expected that over 250 students from LA Unified will participate in this major, student-led advocacy event.

“The person I am is due to the fact that I have this program behind me, taking me on college trips, and requiring me to submit my report. I can honestly say that without you (C5 Youth Foundation), I would have been another statistic. I might have dropped out or have been into some bad habits but that was not the case and in fact I’m looking to give back to the community.” – Steve, C5 Youth Foundation Graduate

This is truly youth leadership and community advocacy in action: teens helping and leading other teens. C5 Teen Leaders will be in the position to mentor their peers, providing the relatable role models that schools need. The goal, by leadership and example, is to inspire and increase the number of young people to become college bound and college ready!

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  1. This is very inspiring. Great work

  2. That’s great that this program is aimed at those who are I guess what you call “at risk” areas. Hopefully it will help those kids who really need it the most to stand up and know that where they are from isn’t the only thing that they can be.

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