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‘Time With Tom’ of Tom Mark Wong [SERIES]

‘Time With Tom’ of Tom Mark Wong [SERIES]

Tom Mark Wong and his label Mark Wong Nark have been around since the 80’s, and Tom himself knows the up’s and downs of the economy, but what he knows most of all, is that his dresses are timeless, and sexy. His leggings give your ass a compliment, and his tops adorn your bosom. He’s a dress maker who knows what is sexy.

From time to time I will be doing articles called, Time With Tom. He has inspired me to follow him and be his muse, so to speak. He has come from struggle and knows what it’s like to start from nothing. His passion to rise above no matter what and the fact that he is a person who constantly thinks of others before himself makes him a wonderful soul.

Why his leggings, his dresses, or anything else he designs and makes? Quality! All of Tom’s clothes are made in the U.S. His fabric is from the U.S. and Germany, and rest assured his clothes are timeless and endearing. They show a woman’s body in a way that speaks and says, “I am sexy and confident.”

What’s Tom up to recently? Leggings at Nordstrom’s on line and in 41 Nordstrom stores across the nation, many in the LA area Nordstrom’s and Victoria Gardens Nordstrom’s in Ontario. His website is being totally revamped as we speak. (Check it out in a few weeks) He’s on Facebook under Mark Wong Nark and if you Google Mark Wong Nark? Well, just go ahead and do it to see for yourself.

He’s has had many celebrities wear his clothes, as well as models. He still does! Photographer Tony Franco seems to capture the exact look that shows Tom’s designs in a way that’s breathless as seen in some of these photos by him. Humble, Tom has dealt with more than most. As we have become closer and I have learned more about him I realize that sometimes good hearted people are given a raw deal, as a child and as an adult. Yet, he constantly moves forward.

“I do this for my family. Everything I do is for them.” He says to me reassuring.

How does he deal? He helps others like those at the Fred Jordan Mission, and constantly looks for the good.

“What’s in your future?” I asked Tom.

“A boutique; one that is chic, sexy, yet classic and timeless.”

You can contact Tom of Mark Wong Nark on Facebook

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