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3D Gaming Summit Begins – Life in three dimensions

The 3D Gaming Summit took place at Universal City’s Hilton in Los Angeles.  Some of the world’s brightest 3D centric minds came together to discuss gaming, movies, the technology and storytelling behind it; and the convergence of it all for the consumer.  Among the headliners were Phil Eisler, Paul W.S. Anderson, Ari Arad, Josh Greer, Jon Landau.

Common dialogue over the 16 hours were convergence and timeline.  How do games best become three dimension?  How does the quality become par for a mainstream audience? And then how do you successfully segue our audience into this brave new world?

The biggest shock for me was hearing our experts declare it’d be another 3-5 years until most homes were being entertained in 3D.  Strolling through the exhibitors, I was impressed with both the low-tech and hi-tech 3D options.  Obviously for most, both options are currently cost-prohibitive, but the technology is there.

The biggest downside seems to be brand competition.  Several brands, all with slightly different technology and none of which are compatible with the other, want to be king.

So, going back to that whole 3-5 year thing, it sounds like the prices need to drop (which will happen) and one brand needs to battle and win.  Or they can all play together — but what are the chances of that.

There were great topics, click here to access an ever-growing list.

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